Ceftriaxone Sodium U.S.P. 1Gm Injection

CETRIZOL is a cephalosporin antibiotic. It acts eliminating bacteria. It is used to treat endocarditis, chancre, Lyme disease, articulation and nervous system infections, recurrent fever, shygellosis, typhoid fever, sallmonelosis, and Whipple's disease.


MenuItem CETRIZOL is used to treat certain infections caused by bacteria, such as gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, meningitis, and infections in the lungs, ears, skin, urinary tract, blood, bones, articulations, and abdomen.
MenuItem Injected ceftriaxone is also applied before some types of surgery to prevent postoperative infections.


MenuItem As prescribed by physician

Presentation: 1 Vial + Lidocaine 1% (Solvent) I.M. Use