Nimesulide tablets 100 mg

ZULIDE is a fast acting nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication with analgesic and antipyretic action.
It acts in the reduction of pain, fever and inflammatory symptoms.


MenuItem It is indicated as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic agent. It is used alone or in combination with antibiotics for the treatment of symptoms that coexist with inflammatory processes in the upper and lower respiratory airways, such as pharyngo amigdalitis, sinusitis, otitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and pharyngeal abscesses. It is also used in gynecological pathologies such as dysmenorrea, catamenial cephalalgia, and pelvic inflammatory disease. It is indicated in inflammatory processes of the locomotive system, such as tendynitis, bursitis, arthritis, sprains, synovitis, tenosynovitis, fibrositis, spondylitis. It is an excellent analgesic to be used postoperatively, in cancer patients, as analgesic therapy in fractures, as well as in inflammatory dental diseases.


MenuItem 1 tablet every 12 hours, after meals.

Presentation: Box with 10 strip packs, 10 tablets each