Acetaminophen drops for children 100 mg/ml

FINADOL for children is recommended for the symptomatic treatment of pain and fever, colds, teething, post-vaccination reactions. The antipyretic action takes place in the thermoregulatory center by inhibiting prostaglandin synthetize in the hypothalamus. Peripheral inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis is minimal; thus, it has a minor antirheumatic or anti inflammatory effect. It does not inhibit platelet aggregation and does not produce peptic ulcer.


MenuItem Prescribed as a frequent use for its analgesic and antipyretic action to treat common discomforts in infants, such as fever, vaccination side effects, colds and teething.


MenuItem From 1.5 ml to 5.5 ml every 6 hours depending on the age of the child.

Presentation: 15ml Bottle