Corticosteroid - Anti-Inflammatory

Dexamethasone injectable solution USP

DEXON is a medication that belongs to the group of corticoids or corticosteroids, hormones produced by our body, which carry out highly important functions. Dexamethasone is used to treat the symptoms produced by a sudden descent of corticoid levels in the body, as it happens in Addison’s disease. It has major anti inflammatory power. At times, because of different stimuli, some cells in our bodies release substances that produce inflammation. While reducing release of these substances, corticoids reduce inflammation.


MenuItem Non steroid analgesic, antipyretic, anti inflammatory agent, indicated to treat:
MenuItem Primary or secondary insufficiency of corticoids in the body (e.g. Addison´s disease)
MenuItem Shock caused by hemorrhage, trauma or serious infection
MenuItem Asthma
MenuItem Rheumatic diseases
MenuItem Critical periods of ulcerative colitis
MenuItem Allergic conditions
MenuItem Skin problems (exfoliative dermatitis, rash, multiform erithema, serious psoriasis)


MenuItem As prescribed by physician.

Presentation: One 8mg /2ml Vial.