Fast acting Anaesthetic Antiacid suspension

Sorbecid-O contains the analgesic Oxethazaine is a potent local anesthetic. It is administered orally in combination with an antacid for the immediate relief of pain associated with peptic ulcer disease or esophagitis. Its effectiveness at the acidity of the gastric environment is due to the fact that oxethazaine, a weak base, is relatively non-ionized at pH 1.

Mode of Action And Clinical Pharmacology: Alumina gel and magnesium hydroxide react chemically to neutralize or buffer existing quantities of stomach acid but have no direct effect on its production. This action increases gastric pH, providing symptomatic relief of hyperacidity.

Gastroscopic observations reveal that alumina gel, especially when swallowed undiluted, forms a diffuse coating over the inflamed gastric mucosa for a variable period of time. Because of this adherent vehicle, oxethazaine exerts a prolonged topical anesthetic action.

Oxethazaine is a topical anesthetic which when applied to the mucous membranes produces a more potent anesthesia of longer duration than either cocaine or lidocaine. An ultra-dilute solution of 0.0005% oxethazaine induces the same duration of anesthesia of rabbit cornea as does the more concentrated 0.25% solution of cocaine; as a 1% solution of lidocaine; or as a 2% solution of procaine.

Each 15 ml contains:
Alginic Acid BP................200mg
Magnesium Hydroxide BP.........250mg
Dried Aluminium Hydroxide BP...250mg
Magnesium Trisilicate BP...... 250mg
Simethicone BP.................125mg
Oxethazaine BP.................30mg


MenuItem For the symptomatic relief of peptic ulcer, gastritis, and esophagitis. Symptoms of esophageal irritation are usually relieved in patients who do not respond to antacid therapy alone.


MenuItem 1 Tablespoon upon the apparition of the pain.

Presentation: Bottle Pack Of 200ml.