Containing All Essential And Semi-Essential Amino Acids

Crystalline IV infusion containing 11 Amino Acids (8 Essential Amino Acids and 3 Semi Essential Amino Acids), combined for the prophylaxis and therapy of protein deficiencies in situations where there is a negative nitrogen balance. Each bottle provides a load of 2.6 g of Nitrogen, 16.38 g of Proteins and a caloric load of 105 calories.

Aminoacids combination used as prophylactic and protein deficiency therapy in situations where there is a negative balance of nitrogen


MenuItem In Surgery, Internal Medicine, Cancer, Infarction, Comatose Conditions, Cardiac infraction,etc.


MenuItem Adults: 200-800ml / day via IV Children: 0.2-0.25gm Nitrogen / Kg body weight
MenuItem Drip index: 15-20 drops initially and then 30-40 drops per minute

Presentation: Glass Bottle of 200ml